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Infinity Ampersand Sculpted Book

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To celebrate the completion of my infinity ampersand design, I created a one-of-a-kind sculpted artist book.

It's worth noting that the only reason Dapper Notes exists is thanks to two courses I took in art school where I learned to make artist books. It was there that I was taught the art of bookmaking: how to handle paper grains, shape covers, measure squares, sew signatures, the works. So it only felt natural that celebrating one design milestone would be elevated by a rather unusually-shaped experiment.

In this book I rounded the pages with a rough edge finish, created a cover with a concave groove, wrapped it all in a cloth designed by Maggie Enterrios (who also designed the Shake the Frost notebook covers), and used a second tone to match the pattern in the recessed grooves. The end result is a striking sculpture in the form of a book, the very essence of a proper artist book.

Only one made


Measure 5⅜ wide x 5-inches tall
190 blank pages of 60lb paper
Light marbled endsheets