Mi Tierra Veracruzana by Natalia Lafourcade inspired stationery
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pocket notebooks inspired by Veracruz Mexico
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20. Veracruzana

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Edition #20 Notes

A few weeks ago I stumbled upon a Tiny Desk session with Natalia Lafourcade, and was instantly mesmerized. She is is one of those rare artists who has the power to draw you into their music and fully experience the emotion in their singing. 

I found myself playing the three-song concert several times a day, and knew that the next Dapper Notes would pay tribute to the joy that her music brought into my life. This edition's cover has a colorful floral pattern, perfectly matching the vibes of "Mi Tierra Veracruzana" (the second track in this video), an homage to Natalia's hometown of Veracruz.

Veracruzana is also the first edition that arrives alongside the new podcast, with a special episode dedicated to telling the story of the edition and how it was made.

This edition contains: A satin brushstroke pattern on the outside, strawberry inside, with a (crimson, peach, or cream) colored endsheet, 48 graph pages on 70lb smooth white, and a bright yellow thread finish. Limited edition of three hundred.

Edition fray: Most Dapper Notes covers are made using fabric, which naturally frays with use. Each material behaves differently, and this meter will help you guage how much fraying to expect from your notebook.

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About Dapper Notes

Every notebook cover is made from two materials: a good looking fabric on the outside, backed by book cloth inside. These covers are just the nicest, and oh so very showoff-able.

Dapper Notes are 3.5 x 5.5 inches ~ 9cm x 14cm, and designed to be direction agnostic (used both left-to-right and R-T-L).

I believe that craft, quality, and details matter. My books tell a story, they're a true labor of love and you're going to love them too.

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