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Edition #27 Notes

Healing our communities and fighting for justice has to start somewhere. If we are to get where we need to be, we must continue marching on, with purpose, conviction, and action.

A donation has been made ahead of this edition's release to support the work of the Equal Justice Initiative, an organization working to end mass incarceration, excessive punishment and racial inequality.

This limited edition contains: A reflective metallic material on the outside, backed by a cushion and fabric inside, with a silver OR gold endsheet, 48 graph pages on 70lb smooth white, and a tan thread finish.

Edition fray: Most Dapper Notes covers are made using fabric, which naturally frays with use. Each material behaves differently, and this meter will help you guage how much fraying to expect from your notebook.

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Dapper Notes notebooks are

Fabric Covered

Every notebook cover is made from two materials: a good looking fabric on the outside, backed by book cloth inside. These covers are just the nicest, and oh so very showoff-able.

100% Handmade

Created from scratch in the USA, one-by-one, with focus on the details. I glue the covers, stitch the binding, trim the corners, package and mail them to you myself.

Thread Bound

Wax-coated linen thread is stronger than staples, and these 3.5 x 5.5" durable notebooks will last a lifetime to hold and tell your story inside.

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How Dapper Notes are Made