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Comfortable, handmade fabric face masks for formal and everyday use.

Everyday Masks

Soft, breathable fabric masks for everyday use. Includes four layers of filtration.

Formalwear Masks

Dapper mask designs for more formal settings, but also everyday use if you're always feeling dapper. Formal masks include the same features as everyday Dapper masks.

Dapper Notes masks feature

Adjustable fittings

Every mask comes with an embedded 3-inch metal noseband for a snug fit and better seal that also helps reduce fogging. Adjustable ear loops are included to fit most head sizes.

4 layers of protection

Dapper Notes masks have three built-in layers of fabric. One of those layers is a pocket into which you can insert an (included) disposable filter.

All-day comfort

Soft, breathable fabrics allow for comfortable wearing all day long. The contoured shape of the mask allows for your mouth to move more comfortably as you speak.

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